Do you need The MAN Shake?

Are you sick of being tired and overweight?

Feeling sluggish?

Don’t have time to exercise or eat well?

Sick of dieting only to put all the weight back on?

Well you need The MAN Shake! The MAN Shake is designed for the every day man. It’s packed full of goodness, simple to use, keeps you fuller for longer … and YES you will lose weight.

Each bag of The MAN Shake gives you the key nutrient equivalent of all the foods below 

PROTEIN - 75 eggs 

CALCIUM - 15 glasses skim milk 

FIBRE - 60 slices wholemeal bread 

B6 Vitamin - 66 Carrots

Magnesium 120 oranges

Iron - 53 cups spinach

Vitamin B12 - 20 Chicken Breasts

Phosphorous - 138 Bananas


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